Charlie Luft

Project Manager 

Charlie Luft, an aspiring environmentalist from Ridgefield, Connecticut, hopes to use his unique skill set and background to positively contribute to the issue of climate change. At Echo The Eco the group divides its efforts into two major categories - spreading awareness and providing aid directly to climate refugees. Charlie’s role is to focus on spreading awareness. He knows that in order to help the cause, the public must first know what the cause is. Charlie accomplishes this by speaking at information sessions at local schools, as well by holding charities and lectures in various communities. Charlie has an abundance of experience in the fields of finance and community service, and will apply these experiences to his role at Echo the Eco.


Previously, Charlie was a member of the community service organization Lion’s Heart, serving five years with the group, and as President for the year 2015. Through this position Charlie learned how to organize volunteer trips and fundraising events, as well as how to communicate with individuals in the community. He informed the public about the goals of the volunteer group, and the means by which they would get them done. In addition to community service, Charlie also has experience in aiding financial establishments. In the summer of 2017 Charlie organized and reviewed the financial statements of the Ridgefield Amaetur Hockey Association (RAHA), creating spreadsheets that would help the organization better understand their spending habits and economic reserves. He knows the capital required to maintain organizations, as well as what it takes to gather donations from the public. Using all of this knowledge and experience Charlie hopes to make a difference in the lives of climate change refugees through the power of spreading awareness.