Climate Change Impacts: Kiribati's Water Paradox

Documentary that captures Echo the Eco's trip to Kiribati. Hundreds of students gathered around, anticipating the benefits of their new water maker. After pouring salt water into the inlet tube, the Aquifer gushed with water unknown by most. Students sprayed each other with their new drinkable water, and embraced the moment by covering us with hugs.

Climate Change Impacts: The Silent Crisis in Kiribati

Video that educates the public regarding the silent crisis present in Kiribati. People of Kiribati are dying of thirst while drowning. Kiribati is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to the effects of climate change and sea level rise. However, residents may have to leave well before the ocean claims their homes.

Interview with Teburoro Tito

The UN ambassador and former president to Kiribati, Teburoro Tito joined SeYoon Yoon, the founder of Echo the Eco, for an interview. Before Echo the Eco was founded, SeYoon interviewed Mr. Tito to investigate regarding Pacific Islands and their silent fight against climate change impacts. 

Interview with Spectra Watermakers

Echo the Eco visited Spectra Watermakers in Petaluma, CA. In order to efficiently integrate a new desalination plant into a third world country like Kiribati, it was essential that they learned exactly how to operate the Aquifer 360, as well as deal with unusual malfunctions that may occur.

Timelapse: Installing Desalination Machine in Kiribati

Here is a short time lapse of Echo the Eco teaching the student council and representatives of Immaculate Hearts College!

Dancing to Kiribati Music

It is Kiribati’s culture to acknowledge their guests by dancing with them. Give a peek at our dance moves accustomed to Kiribati music! Students and adults living in Kiribati value music as a way to connect with others and express their religion. It was unbelievable to see how talented many of the people on Kiribati are and have a chance to experience their culture.

Global warming threatens Kiribati

October 17, 2018

Experts fear that as sea levels rise, Kiribati’s already fragile groundwater supply will face even greater risks leading to greater consequences such as droughts that will deplete the municipal and household supply of fresh water. In response to these problems, Echo the Eco, a student-led non-profit organization...

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UC advisor raises awareness of endangered paradise in face of rising tides

August 21, 2018

One $10,000 solar-powered desalination unit can provide clean water to a whole village on the islands and is part of the impact Roman is trying to accomplish for as many islands as they can. High school student SeYoon Yoon helped raise over $13,000 to help Sacred Heart College in Tarawa, obtain a portable water desalination unit from the Marshall Islands...

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Echo the Eco aims to secure international protection for the Pacific Island's growing population of climate refugees, forced to flee their homes in the wake of rising sea levels and greater insecurity. 

Echo the Eco is an established non-profit corporation that is currently in the process of being legally registered by the state of Connecticut as a non-profit corporation with 501c3.

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