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"Adults cannot do it alone. Society must listen to the youth and allow them to disrupt inertia with creative forces for humanitarian change.  Young people have a voice, and we are ready to use it. Now, help us echo the silent crisis in Kiribati..."


SeYoon and Will constantly brainstormed ways to become active members in the international community. Having both traveled to over twenty different countries, they quickly grew an affinity and appreciation for the differing cultures around the globe. The two roommates dedicated themselves to find a way to use their cultural experience for the enhancement of third world countries.


But how exactly would two teenagers effectively create change?

SeYoon attended Yale Young Global Scholars' Sustainable Development & Social Entrepreneurship program during the summer of 2017. This camp explicated the exponentially increasing insecurities in the world as a result of climate change. These insecurities range from an unstable economy as a result of the death and migration of a staple food source, the destruction of infrastructure as a result of abnormal weather patterns, and most importantly, the rapid decrease of fresh water supply in the Pacific Islands as a result of rising sea levels. The thought of people lacking the resource which serves as the basis of all life on earth stuck with SeYoon.

SeYoon and his team at YYGS

After pondering through myriad proposals, Seyoon came up with the idea to create an organization focused on both allowing Pacific Islanders to stay in their home countries by providing an easy way to receive fresh water, and to spread awareness of the detrimental situation at hand. Seyoon’s passion to ameliorate the lives of people at stake of being forced to flee their homes due to climate change and Will’s persistence to eliminate advantages based on the environment around people led to the birth of Echo the Eco. 

Echo the Eco is a non-profit organization focused on providing aid for Pacific Islands that deal with the harshest realities of climate change, yet produce the least amount of carbon emission annually. Echo the Eco also focuses on spreading awareness of the insecurities that come with climate change by educating children that will be the ones to enact the greatest change in the future. No matter how old, everyone’s voice needs to be heard, and individuals will create an unified change.


“Young people have a voice, and we are ready to use it. Now, help us echo the silent crisis in Kiribati...".” 


—  SeYoon Yoon, CEO


Echo the Eco aims to secure international protection for the Pacific Island's growing population of climate refugees, forced to flee their homes in the wake of rising sea levels and greater insecurity. 

Echo the Eco is an established non-profit corporation that is currently in the process of being legally registered by the state of Connecticut as a non-profit corporation with 501c3.

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