“Change Climate Change” is a educational campaign that has a goal of informing 10,000 scholars annually under 18 years old regarding climate disruptions, sea level rise (SLR) impacts, local action on energy efficiency and migration and shifting populations. Its mission is to educate local and global educational communities so that primary and secondary students understand the causes and wide ranging effects of climate change.

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In response to fresh water shortage, Echo the Eco is working towards building two water makers on a small town located in South Tabiteuea, Kiribati. Aquifer 360 water makers is the specific model of water maker that we are bringing to Kiribati (manufactured by Spectra Watermakers).The Aquifer 360 watermakers offer an easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable way to purify water from virtually any water source. The  Aquifer 360 can provide 15 gallons/hour (57 Liters/hour) of purified water from salty, brackish, or freshwater. They require virtually no installation, though a beach well is advisable for intake of seawater. Each Aquifer 360 costs approximately $7,500.

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Echo the Eco aims to secure international protection for the Pacific Island's growing population of climate refugees, forced to flee their homes in the wake of rising sea levels and greater insecurity. 

Echo the Eco is an established non-profit corporation that is currently in the process of being legally registered by the state of Connecticut as a non-profit corporation with 501c3.

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