As a Korean expatriate living in Beijing, China, SeYoon has worked the past 5 years as a leader of the Vermi-Compost in Beijing (VCB), an organization dedicated to producing vermin-compost and distributing the eco-friendly fertilizer to family-run farms in the ShunYi province. SeYoon has worked tirelessly to not only improve the quality of the fertilizer, but also to market VCB’s product. In the process of solidifying VCB’s mission, SeYoon was able to get the fertilizer approved by the Chinese government and win sponsorship from the two biggest farms in Beijing: Green Cow Farm and BOBC Miyun Organic Vegetable Farm.


As for SeYoon, he hopes to use his experiences running VCB to spreadhead his efforts towards solving greater and more influential environmental issues that shroud the prospect of a healthy planet.


Establishing Echo the Eco is a significant stride towards shaping SeYoon into an informed and knowledgeable environmentalist. SeYoon believes that this journey of providing aid to the Pacific Islanders for their successful immigration is a chance to better understand his identity and capacity to make a difference.

SeYoon Yoon

Founder, Chief Executive Officer