Echo the Eco

What We Stand For

Mission: To provide service and aid to those around the world that have been vulnerable to or will be affected by the insecurities associated with climate change, as well as educate the youth about the necessities to halt the silent crisis of island nations.


Vision: A world in which all people are informed and engaged on combating climate crisis, and recognizing the significance of the voice of the youth.

Purpose: To alleviate climate change impacts in the Pacific Islands by providing direct aid to those most in need. We highlight the urgency of climate action by exposing the little-known reality of myriad Pacific Islands, while preparing the youth for a resilient future. It is our priority to empower the youth with climate science education.


Echo the Eco aims to secure international protection for the Pacific Island's growing population of climate refugees, forced to flee their homes in the wake of rising sea levels and greater insecurity. 

Echo the Eco is an established non-profit corporation that is currently in the process of being legally registered by the state of Connecticut as a non-profit corporation with 501c3.

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T: +1 475-777-4320